Germam Amateur Radio Station

Call DK5SV
Licensing February 1977
Location 63486 Bruchkoebel
Organization DARC e.V.
DOK F76 (Baunatal)
Preferences Shortwave, SSB, CW
QTH Locator JO40LE
Standby-Frequency 145,500 Mc FM

Ham Radio ...

... a technical Hobby for over 67,500 people in Germany and more than 2 million Radio Amateurs worldwide. Everyone can deal with Amateur Radio. Those who want to independently broadcast on Amateur Radio Frequencies, must first pass an Examination at the BNetzA. Exciting Facets of the Amateur Radio Service are: Contests in which as many Contacts as possible to other Radio Amateurs worldwide count, DXpeditionen with particularly exotic Destinations, for example. in the Pacific or amateur radio.

Amateur Radio benefits the Peoples, i.a. in that Radio Amateurs are well versed in modern Communication Techniques, teach other People their technical knowledge and Amateur Radio can be helpful in an Emergency (DARC e.V.)

Hier gehts zum Info-Film "Amateurfunk - Das Hobby" des DARC e.V.

Transceiver Shortwave


Kenwood Communications

The Kenwood TS-590SG has long enjoyed a Reference Status among mid-range Amateur Radio Transceivers. This Transceiver is the most used Station Transceiver of the Amateur Radio Station DK5SV. The TS-590SG offers the User a very sensitive, low-noise Receiver, a decent Transmitter and one friendly Control Surface with no frills.

Kenwood TS-590SG Foto: Mit freundlicher Genehmigung der Firma Kenwood

Amplifier Shortwave

Acom 1010

Acom HF Power Products

Shortwave Power Amplifier (160 - 10m), 700 W PEP, 500 W duration at max. 60 W control power, 2 Antenna Outputs. The special Tuning Display simplifies tuning the Power Amplifier in less than 10 seconds. This almost indestructible Power Amplifier is only used for Voice Communication (SSB).

Acom 1010 Photo: Acom

Antenna 1 / Ultrabeam

2-Element Ultrabeam

Ultrabeam 6 - 40m

A 2-Element Ultrabeam for the Bands 6 to 40 Meters. Turned with a Yaesu Rotor G-450 on a heavy, free-standing Pneumatic Mast with a height of 10 meters. The Ultrabeam works with its two motor-controlled elements as a 2-Element Yagi on the Bands 6 to 20 Meters. At 30 and 40 Meters, it is a rotatable full-size Dipole.

Ultrabeam Photo: Ultrabeam

Antenna 2 / Wire Antenna

Wire Antenna

DX-Wire, Stockcorner

The end-fed Wire Antenna is about 23m long. It consists of Premium Antenna Wire from DX-Wire. The feed takes place via an automatic antenna tuner JC-4S (up to 1kW) from Stockcorner. This Wire Antenna is mainly used for the 40 to 160 meter bands, but can in principle be used for almost all short-wave frequencies. Hyperflex is used throughout as the coaxial cable.

Stockcorner JC-4SPhoto: DK5SV

Morse Equipment

Keyx and Paddles


One of the Morse Keys or Morse Paddles of the Radio Station is the Begali Simplex Professional, here with olive anodized carrier material and red Paddles.

Begali Simplex ProfessionalPhoto: DK5SV

Questions about the Devices and Antennas will be happy to answer.

I am the operator of the Ham Radio Station and Owner of the Call DK5SV.

I am Radio- and TV Master Technician, Business Administrator, Computer Scientist and Driving Instructor. Since 2009 I am a Retiree and "full-time" Radio Amateur.

My favorite Activities in Amateur Radio are worldwide DX Connections on Shortwave in SSB (Voice Communication) and CW (Telegraphy), preferably on the 20, 15 and 10 Meter Bands.

If you are interested for Amateur Radio, have a technical Problem or are looking for Solutions, feel free to contact me.

Write me a Mail: information [at] dk5sv [dot] de

I usually answer within 24 hours.

73, Michael Jedlitschka, DK5SV